Already in use around the world, smart cards are being introduced to casinos in North America

New additions to not only make cashless gaming systems safer, but also add features to enhance the customer experience at casinos Technology is slowly spreading around the world – assuming casinos are willing to pay extra. , now appearing in North America.

The main difference between the two cards is how information is stored. Magnetic stripe cards store customer information on backend computers that must be connected to the card in order to carry out transactions. Smart cards contain a microchip that stores all data, making it easy to conduct transactions even when not connected to a back-end computer.

An early deployment of smart card technology in US casinos will be player bonus138 tracking cards. While customers can play slots and other games in a cashless environment, smarthi player cards also store information about guests (like favorite games and betting patterns), allowing the casino to encourage future visits. can be used for

This card is currently being introduced to the US market by his IGT Network Systems of Las Vegas.

IGT, who introduced his TITO (Ticket-In/Ticket-Out-System) into the arena 10 years ago with the EZ Pay system, recently included his EZ Pay smart card that stores all cash value. We have expanded our product line to A microchip is embedded in the card. When this card is inserted into the slot machine, the stored cash value changes instantly with each game, decreasing the cash value with each loss and increasing the amount with each win. This eliminates the need to collect TITO ticket prizes in cash at counters or automated kiosks, he said.

Chip In a card game system, values ​​are transferred from machine to machine by cards, and the cards retain their values ​​even in the event of a power failure. The advantage of the EZ Pay smart card is that it offers players an extra level of security. With regular credit and debit cards, the magnet number is sent in an online link that can be copied by anyone wanting to invest in the technology. But smart cards only transfer money over an offline link, so the magnet number just goes in and out.

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