Online reputation management – branding, insurance or out of luck?

In today’s world, it’s all too easy to ignore your online reputation. It’s even easier to just yawn right away and have someone take it apart for a brand that you hardly realize you’re involved with… every blog, community site, customer review, or competitor. Other companies have hundreds of different ways to express their company’s views and concerns. If you haven’t already, start learning how to use social media monitoring tools and take proactive steps to keep your business running. The second option is to ask a quick question.
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does this happen to me?

Yes, I can.

As a case in point, I quoted a local article from his Washington CEO Magazine on the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2007. I pulled a few names off the list and did a quick Google search. Here are some of the headlines we found with the exact “Top 100 Companies” name.

Outcome 7 – Zillow – Google Title “How good are Zillow’s estimates?”

“Zillow won 5% of the price in one-third of the deals analyzed by the journal. That’s 11%, above the target of 25%. In 34 out of 1,000 transactions, Zillow is down more than 50% of his. ”

Our view:
If you’re a user or investor in his Zillow, you’ve probably already seen and liked this article. How do you feel about the Wall Street Journal (who is considered one of the most respected news sources) said Zillow’s estimate had dropped by 50%?

Result 6-Comcast-Google Title “A Comcast Technician Sleeps On My Couch” A Comcast Cable Technician Walks In To Replace Cables His Modem, A Customer While He Waits To Service His Group I fell asleep on bonus138 Until you see this article:
1,219,303 times! (58 seconds is a pretty bad review for Comcast.) There were 714 comments.

Our view:
Holy Smoking Batman. 1,219,303 views! I don’t know of any company that didn’t have a small impact on their marketing, sales, and customer service metrics when Comcast’s lack of support was witnessed by a million people.

Finding 3 – Spokane Federal Credit Union Review – Citysearch Review – “I’ve had an account with Spokane Federal for years and have never been very impressed. They do exactly what I need.” and didn’t do more than that.All in all, I can say they care.”My expectations.”

Our view:
Spokane Federal Credit Union has good coverage, but it’s easy to ignore less flattering reviews that say it’s okay.

Outcome 3 – Zango – PC Hell:
Zango Removal Instructions – “Zango is an entertainment site that provides free access to videos, music, games, and other downloads. The site is free for all users, but paid for by advertising. Visitors are presented with a license agreement that the end user agrees to before downloading content. ”

Our view:
This is a desktop software company and there are a lot of people using Zango gaming software. “PC Hell – Zango removal instructions” is thrown every time someone googles my name. If you purchased a pre-installed desktop system, be sure to remove it immediately. You don’t want a casual gaming platform slowing down your PC when you need to calculate data or send an important email.

It doesn’t matter who you are (how big or how small). This can happen to you too. It happened to Comcast and Zillow.

It also happens in small people.

Looking at the issue purely in numbers, Comcast buys the keyword “comcast” itself from Google to keep the company’s branding and results at the forefront of Google. Buying this keyword costs about $1.25 per click and his estimated daily clicks for this keyword is 5,500 (with a daily budget of $6,000 to $8,000).

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